Our Story



"You can't buy happiness but you can buy sushi, which is kinda the same thing"

At Ono, "we wanted to create a fun atmosphere  where people feel at home when they dine with us. We serve you with the best variety of food made with fresh, and best ingredient. 





our story

As much as we want to think about the food, we believe it is about people. It all started from simple and yet boring late night conversation in Atlanta, GA, We talked about food on a dinner table while eating cheese and drinking wine. Lots of wine shall we say..

We had this idea, why not open a place to eat for others that fits our ideal place to eat.

Simple and boring conversations became somewhat serious and over the past 3 years.. we think hard, work hard, pray hard to make this dream into reality. but the thought of “We can do it together” still bigger than our fear of failure. After all.. who knows what lies on the other side. and again, we can do it together.




Ono – The word 'ono with the okina means delicious in the Hawaiian language.


It all started because, We are just crazy about FOOD… Especially when it comes to Sushi!  That salty, savory, spicy, sweet flavors in one bite!
We are here for the community, for people who love to have a good time with friends, family,  and great food on the table.